Reflections, a school play from 1979

I spent my first year of secondary school at Redrice, a now-closed boys’ school near Andover, Hampshire.  Although I left there 44 years ago, memories of my time at the school have stayed with me, from being floored at rugby by Chris Oti (who would later play for England) to seeing the late ITV sports presenter Dickie Davies pick up his sons, Danny and Peter, after school.  Another thing that has stuck with me is a school play, even though I played no part in it.

The play was called Reflections, and was a musical based on the Gospel of St. John.  The part of Jesus was played by David Alagoa, who was a sixth-former at the school.  The music was written by one of the music teachers, Stewart Woodward.  The songs were excellent, and were beautifully sung by Alagoa and the rest of the young cast.  There were several performances of the play at the school, which was so well received that it transferred for a couple more to the Cricklade Theatre in Andover, now The Lights.

The songs were recorded, and the school made some copies available on tape.  I got one, and that tape has somehow remained in my possession since 1979 through countless house moves.  I hadn’t listened to it for years, until the other day I finally bought a cassette to mp3 converter.  I have a pile of tapes gathering dust, some of which I will probably get around to digitizing one day.  Reflections was the first one I reached for, and here it is.  The recording quality is predictably low, but I think the songs stand up very well.  Despite several attempts, I have been unable to trace Stewart Woodward.  If he, or anyone else knowing his whereabouts, sees this, please do leave a message below.

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