New issue of The Sound Projector out now!

The new issue of Ed Pinsent’s wonderful music magazine The Sound Projector is out now. This is a special all-vinyl issue containing nothing but reviews of vinyl LPs and singles, along with many sumptuous photographs of album sleeves, coloured vinyl discs, labels and inserts. 128 exciting pages – and for the first time, the magazine is available in two versions, full colour and b&w!

I’ve contributed reviews and photos of the following albums to the magazine:

Richard Youngs – Inceptor, Atlas of Hearts
Primordial Undermind – Last Worldly Bond
Mats Gustafsson – Mats G Plays Albert A, Needs
Full Blast and Friends – Crumbling Brain
Okkervil River – I Am Very Far
Peterlicker – Nicht
The Thing – Bag It!
Zu – Carboniferous
Fire! – You Liked Me Five Minutes Ago, Unreleased?

You can read full details, including how to buy, here.

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