2011 Easter Music Picture Quiz: winner and answers

There were over 300 page views of my 2011 Easter music picture quiz, but out of all those people only one could be bothered to enter – the ever-reliable and knowledgeable Maximilian Spiegel of Vienna, who scored 19 out of 20 and wins a small pile of CDs for his trouble. Given the almost total lack of interest shown, I won’t be running this quiz again.

The correct answers were:

1. Van der Graaf Generator
2. Cowboy Junkies
3. Fairport Convention
4. Tindersticks
5. The Hold Steady
6. Yes
7. Tortoise
8. Saint Etienne
9. The Thing
10. My Bloody Valentine
11. Throbbing Gristle
12. Naked Lunch
13. 10,000 Maniacs
14. Slowdive
15. AMM
16. The Albion Band
17. Cocteau Twins
18. King Crimson
19. Spacemen 3
20. Low

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