Letter to The Wire, May 2010

No thanks to David Toop for making me wade through a page of dense verbiage about the new Fenn O’Berg album (Soundcheck, The Wire 313) in search of a steer as to whether or not it’s worth acquiring, only to give me the metaphorical finger with the lofty payoff “I am not about to expend a lot of silly adjectives on a track-by-track description, like some halfwit blogger.” Well, excuse me but I like silly adjectives; why else would I subscribe to The Wire? Plus, I was under the impression that it was the reviewer’s responsibility to make some effort to describe the music under review in terms that might resonate with potentially interested parties. Toop’s abdication of that responsibility on the grounds that “if you want to find out what something sounds like you can do so easily enough” beggars belief. I could buy the album, I guess, but by that logic I would need to buy every album listed in the pages of The Wire each month; isn’t that where reviews come in? Anyway, I look forward to seeing future Toop reviews in the form of empty white space where considered value judgements used to reside, with, of course, his reviewer’s fee returned uncashed.

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