2010 Easter Music Picture Quiz: winner and answers

Congratulations to Maximilian Spiegel of (where else?) Vienna for winning my Easter music picture quiz. Max stormed home with an admirable score of 19/20 and will be receiving a package of CDs in the post. Thanks to all those who sent in entries.

The correct answers are:

1. Peter Brötzmann
2. David Tibet
3. John Cale
4. Hermann Nitsch
5. Genesis P-Orridge
6. Michael Nyman
7. Ken Vandermark
8. John Coltrane
9. Roger Waters
10. Glen Hansard
11. Joni Mitchell
12. Peter Rehberg
13. Carla Bozulich
14. Mark Kozelek
15. Christian Fennesz
16. Will Oldham
17. William Bennett
18. Shirley Collins
19. Albin Julius
20. Mats Gustafsson

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