No gigs :(

Apologies for the lack of recent concert reports, which is entirely the fault of there having been no concerts in Vienna that have quickened my pulse so far this year. The drought will certainly end in a few months’ time (this year’s Donaufestival is shaping up to be a doozy, for one thing), but for now I’m staying in, playing with my son and catching up on reading. Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible…

3 thoughts on “No gigs :(

  1. Hey, thanks for that – I knew about the Thing show, sadly I will be out of town on that date :( But the Brötzmann concert was new to me and I will definitely be there. Need to add it to my page!

  2. You missed Anne Clark yesterday – I thought it would be nice and some kind of melancholy time travel, but it was absolutely sensational. Quiite a surprise ;)

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