Evan Parker tour dates

This page lists known forthcoming concerts by the British saxophonist Evan Parker. Corrections and additions are welcome – use the form below.

Past concerts are listed here.

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Last updated: 5 June 2018.

Date Country City Venue Line-up

8 June (9.00pm)

Germany Peitz Stüler Kirche

w/Globe Unity Orchestra

8 June (11.30pm)

Germany Peitz Festungssaal


*new* 21 June

UK London Vortex

w/John Edwards, Mark Sanders, Nikki Yeoh

12 July

UK London Vortex

w/Barry Guy

19 July

Austria Nickelsdorf Jazzgalerie

w/Joe McPhee, Peter Evans, Joe Williamson, Tristan Honsinger, Orphy Robinson, Pat Thomas, Paul Lovens

20 November

Germany Frankfurt Alte Oper

w/Schlippenbach Trio