Index of album reviews

Most of these reviews originally appeared in The Sound Projector. A few of them appeared in the now defunct Grooves Magazine.

90º South: The Barrier Silence
AMM: Tunes Without Measure or End
Amber Asylum: The Supernatural Parlour Collection
Anderegg, Brendon: Falling Air
Angels of Light: Everything Is Good Here/Please Come Home
Angels of Light: How I Loved You
Angels of Light: New Mother
Angels of Light: We Were Alive!
Antony & the Johnsons: Antony & the Johnsons
Aranos: Bering Sea
Asano, Koji: Preparing for April
Asuna: Organ Leaf
Atkinson, Felicia: La La La
Attacco Decente: The Baby Within Us Marches On
Beequeen: Sugarbush
Bethany Curve: You Brought Us Here
Bianchi, Maurizio: Elisionem
Birds, The: Birds Birds Birds in the World
Black Moth Super Rainbow: Start a People
Body Lovers: Body Lovers
Bozulich, Carla: Evangelista
Breathless: Blue Moon
Brötzmann, Peter/Full Blast & Friends: Crumbling Brain
Cardinal: Cardinal
Coleman, James: Zuihitsu
Connelly, Chris: How This Ends
Corringham, Viv, & Wilson, Rick: Glimpses of Recognition
Cowboy Junkies: Ghosts
Cranc: All Angels
Cucina Povera & ELS: The Oystercatcher
Cultural Amnesia: Enormous Savages
Cultural Amnesia: Press My Hungry Button
Current 93: All Dolled Up Like Christ
Current 93: An Introduction to Suffering
Current 93: Black Ships Ate the Sky
Current 93: Calling for Vanished Faces
Current 93: Sleep Has His House
Current 93: Faust
Current 93 & Nurse With Wound: Bright Yellow Moon
Death In June: Heilige
Doherty, Sally, & the Sumacs: Sleepy Memory
Doozer, The: Sheet Music
Einstürzende Neubauten: Alles in Allem
Elijah’s Mantle: Legacy of Corruption
Eyes Like Saucers: Still Living In The Desert
Fariña: Allotments
Fire!: You Liked Me Five Minutes Ago
Fire! with Jim O’Rourke: Unreleased
Foole, Dredd: Daze on the Mounts
Foster, Josephine: This Coming Gladness
Fripp & Eno: The Equatorial Stars
Gal, Bernhard: Defragmentation/Blue
Gal, Bernhard: Hinaus:: In den, Wald
Garland, David: On the Other Side of the Window
George: A Week of Kindness
Gira, Michael: Songs for a Dog
Gira, Michael & Matz, Dan: What We Did
Girouard, Olivier: La nuit nous déconstruit par cœur
Goem: Disco
Graf & Zyx: Trust No Woman Plus
Gustafsson, Mats: Needs!
Gustafsson, Mats: Mats G Plays Albert A
Hafler Trio: A House Waiting for its Master
Hafler Trio: Whistling About Chickens
Hammill, Peter: Clutch
Hammill, Peter: None of the Above
Hammill, Peter: The Fall of the House of Usher
Hammill, Peter & Eno, Roger: The Appointed Hour
Hammill, Peter: Typical
Hampton, Mary: Book One
Hampton, Mary: Book Two, My Mother’s Children
Hartman, Hanna: Färjesånger/Cikoria/Die Schrauben, die die Welt zusammenhalten
Hollowbody: Inside the Wolves
Houle, Viviane: Treize
Ignatz: Ignatz
Immense: Evil Ones and Zeros
Ka-Spel, Edward: Pieces of ∞
Kammerer, Margareth: To Be an Animal of Real Flesh
Kraus, Sharron: Beautiful Twisted, Right Wantonly A-Mumming
Kraus, Sharron & Christian Kiefer: The Black Dove
Larsen: Play
Lonesome Jonesome: The Peeper and Chin Chin
Lowes, Sara: Tomorrows Laughter
Lullatone: Little Songs About Raindrops
Marston, Jodie Jean: Redtail
Merzbow: Rattus Rattus
Metaxu: Metaxu
Multi-Panel: Alone in the Field
Music for One: The Red Thumb
Nad Spiro: Tinta Invisible
Nadler, Marissa: Ballads of Living and Dying
Nadler, Marissa: The Saga of Mayflower May
Nadler, Marissa: Songs III – Bird on the Water
The Necks: Three
Nurse With Wound: Salt Marie Celeste
Nurse With Wound: Shipwreck Radio Vols 1 & 2
Nurse With Wound: Soundpooling
Nurse With Wound & Aranos: Santoor Lena Bicycle
Obmana, Vidna & Devadder, Serge: The Shape of Solitude
Obmana, Vidna & Tanke, Willem: Variations for Organ, Keyboard and Processors
Okkervil River, I Am Very Far
Organum & Z’ev: Tocsin -6 Thru +2
Peterlicker: Nicht
Pita: Get Out
Potter, Colin: And Then
Potter, Colin & Bradley, Paul: Behind Your Very Eyes
Potter, Colin/Coleclough, Jonathan/Bass Communion: s/t
Primordial Undermind: Last Worldly Bond
Propeller: Argento
R: Under the Cables, Into the Wind
Rational Academy: Swans
Ratti, Nicola: Ode
Re: Alms
Rose, Jon: The People’s Music
Roshi feat. Pars Radio: The Sky and the Caspian Sea
Ruby Ruby Ruby: The Shadow of Your Smile
SQE: The Abyss Stares Back
Sagor & Swing: Orgelplaneten
St Just Vigilantes: Pastor of Oaks, Sheppherd of Stones
Science Group: A Mere Coincidence
Scott, Tom James: School and Rivers
Sheffield, Jon: Something Left is Never Far
Shub Niggurath: Testament
Smith, Geoff: Salome
Smith, Geoff: The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari
Smith, Steven R: Owl
Société des Timides à la Parade des Oiseaux, La: Le Combat Occulté
Sol Invictus: Trieste
Spring Heel Jack: Amassed
Spring Heel Jack: Live
Springsteen, Bruce: Live 1975-1985
Suicide: A Way of Life
Suicide: Why Be Blue
Swans: Various Failures
Tanakh: Ardent Fevers
The Thing: Bag It!
Tlon Uqbar: La Bola Perdida
Ultravox: Three Into One
Unfolk/Kevin Hewick: The Venetian Book of the Dead
Various Artists: A Classic Guide to No Man’s Land
Various Artists: Glass Cuts
Various Artists: Infernal Proteus
Virak: Threads
Wallace, Nancy: Old Stories
Weird Weeds: I Miss This
Wetherill, Benjamin: Laura
Whitehouse: Asceticists 2006
Whitehouse: Bird Seed
Williams, Lucinda: Good Souls Better Angels
Windsor for the Derby: Giving Up the Ghost
Yeti, Gregg, & the Best Lights: Heart Palpitations of the Rich and Famous
Youngs, Richard: Making Paper
Youngs, Richard: May
Youngs, Richard: Sapphie
Youngs, Richard: Inceptor
Youngs, Richard: Atlas of Hearts
Zu: Carboniferous