About these pages

The stats for these pages tell me that the vast majority of people who come here are looking for information about the Viennese waltz. Well, I apologise for the misleading title but you won’t find anything about it here :)

What you will find are reviews of live concerts (mostly of the rock and free jazz variety) I’ve attended, mostly in Vienna but occasionally elsewhere. I’ve been living here for 11½ years now and am constantly amazed at the quality, quantity and variety of live music in this city. If you’re a music lover, there can be few better places in the world to live – and I’m not even taking into account the world of classical music and opera, which is something I know very little about and is really not my scene at all.

The site also collects most of the album reviews I wrote for The Sound Projector magazine. There’s also previews (not much use, I know) of past live concerts in Vienna, taken from my monthly column for the now defunct Ether magazine, and a few letters to the press.

The most popular page on this site used to be a list of forthcoming concerts by one of my musical heroes, the German saxophonist Peter Brötzmann.   For a year or two this was the only place on the web that listed all Brötzmann’s tour dates, although it was made redundant (and hence taken down) by the appearance of Brötzmann’s official site in 2010.  The official site, however, is often slow to update, so my page survives in truncated form. In the same spirit, I also maintain a list of forthcoming concerts by the British saxophonist Evan Parker.

I hope you enjoy these pages. You can write to me using the form below.